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Hair Color

Camouflage your crown

Hair Color Which Gives Health to Hair

Kerastem Hair color not only provides 100% gray coverage with brilliant & shiny color but also makes your hair and scalp healthy.

Available in 100 ml Qty

Why Kerastem?

  • Free from allergic ingredients like Resorcinol, Paraben, para-Phenylenediamine, and Ammonia.

  • Contains a scalp protector that avoids sensitivity and itchiness of the scalp, and prevents allergic reactions.
  • *Does not cause side effects like itchy scalp, eye irritation, and other clinical conditions. (Depends on the existing medical condition of an individual)

  • Gives brilliant & shiny color.

With the Added Advantage of

Argan Oil

Cocoa Oil

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Damage protection

Gives strength to hair

Moisturizes and nourishes hair.

Cocoa Oil

Smoothens cuticle

Adds shine to hair

Promotes hair growth

Jojoba Oil

Acts as conditioning agent

Reduces hair breakage

Soothes scalp


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2. *New Hair Growth Cream Formulation with Cocoa Pod Peel (Theobroma cacao L.) Resmi Mustarichie , 1 Aliya Nur Hasanah, et al.

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Our Story

Welcome to Kerastem, where the essence of beauty harmonizes with the science of hair care. Born from the conviction that everyone deserves hair that’s both stunning and healthy, we pioneered the game-changing ‘OPTIMA,’ the market’s first PPD and ammonia-free hair color. Because your hair deserves better than common allergens.

But evolution is our constant companion. ‘COSMEDI,’ the upgraded Optima that not only bid farewell to resorcinol and parabens but took safety to a whole new level. We elevated the safety profile, setting a new benchmark for hair color excellence.

And now, the pinnacle of our innovation – Kerastem Hair Color. Kerastem isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment. A testament to our unwavering commitment. Free from PPD, ammonia, parabens, and resorcinol, it’s the epitome of safety and sophistication.

Enriched with the goodness of argan oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa oil, it doesn’t just color; it pampers your locks, leaving them luscious and vibrant. Join us in embracing a world where your hair’s health is as important as its beauty!


Scalp Protector

20 ml

The scalp protector acts as a barrier between the sensitive skin of the scalp, and hair dye. It prevents the direct contact of the hair dye with the scalp which assists in avoiding the burning, irritation, and allergic reaction caused by the chemicals in hair dye. The scalp protector contains Shea Butter, Aloe vera extract, and Bisabolol as important natural ingredients. It protects, softens, and revitalizes hair shafts, and has a non-greasy texture.

Hair Color

100 ml

Kerastem Hair Color is a semi-permanent hair color that is free from ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, and paraben. It is enriched with jojoba oil, argan oil, and cocoa oil. The hair color has a creamy formulation.


150 ml

The developer is a solution used to mix with hair dye. It allows the lifting of natural pigment and helps in the activation of the color molecule in the hair dye.

What to Look for in Your Hair Color?

Hair color offers wide possibilities, allowing you to enhance your natural shade, cover grays, or experiment with vibrant colors. However, it is important to understand that hair color can do extensive damage to the hair and scalp.

The common ingredients damaging your hair are Resorcinol, Paraben, PPD, and Ammonia. However, there are some hair color products in the market that still contain these ingredients. These ingredients can lead to scalp, skin, and eye irritation, allergic reactions, damage to hair cuticles, and strip away the natural oils from the hair.

Considering the extensive damage caused by these ingredients, it’s better to avoid them in your product. It is essential to prioritize hair color products that are skin-friendly and have natural ingredients.

This will not only give an amazing shade to your hair but also maintain and improve the health of your hair.


How do PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, and Paraben Damage Scalp and Hair Health?



PPD is an allergen and can lead to allergic reactions in individuals. PPD can cause skin irritation, itching, redness, and even more severe symptoms. Prolonged use of hair color containing PPD can cause sensitization. This makes scalp more susceptible to allergic reactions.






In hair colors, Ammonia is used to open the hair cuticle so that the hair color can penetrate. It has a strong and unpleasant odor and can irritate the scalp and the eyes. Ammonia can damage the hair as it has harsh effects on the structure of the hair. Hair gets dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage.



Resorcinol can lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and hormonal imbalance, and has carcinogenic properties.  It can have harmful effects on the environment to a great extent if not disposed off properly.



Parabens can be big-time endocrine disruptors. They have a tendency to interfere with the hormonal balance in the body. They also have been linked to certain health issues. The research on the exact health effects of paraben is ongoing. There are concerns that paraben might be linked to breast cancer and other health problems.


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Available Shades



Dark Brown




Light Brown


Dark Blonde


Dark Gold Violet Blonde




Application Guidelines


Do a patch test behind your ear and wait for 24 hours.

Shampoo wash your hair 24-48 hours prior to coloring.

Avoid oiling your hair 2 days prior to coloring them.

Avoid heat styling.

Application Method

Scalp protector


Hair color



1. Apply the Scalp Protector

To protect your scalp from irritation and allergic reaction to the dye, apply the Scalp Protector to your entire scalp with the nozzle by parting your hair and then wait 10-15 minutes. Do not wash your hair after applying Scalp Protector.

2. Mix the dye and developer in a 1:1 ratio: 

20 ml hair color + 20 ml developer Mix in a non-metallic bowl.


3. Apply the dye to your hair


Start at the roots and work your way down. Apply the dye evenly to all of your hair.

4. Rinse your hair


Use cold or lukewarm water and do not use Shampoo. The processing time will vary, it is usually 25-35 minutes.

*Average applications that can be done in one kit:

 Male 4-5 times and Female 3-4 times.

 (The number of applications varies as per the length of hair) 


Avoid shampoo for 2-3 days.

Avoid hot water.

Use a color-protecting shampoo and mask

Protect your hair from the sun.


My hair looks vibrant, shiny, and healthy. And the best thing is, no allergy! This hair color is something that I was looking for!


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