Application Guidelines


Do a patch test behind your ear and wait for 24 hours.

Shampoo wash your hair 24-48 hours prior to coloring.

Avoid oiling your hair 2 days prior to coloring them.

Avoid heat styling.

Application Method

Scalp protector


Hair color



1. Apply the Scalp Protector

To protect your scalp from irritation and allergic reaction to the dye, apply the Scalp Protector to your entire scalp with the nozzle by parting your hair and then wait 10-15 minutes. Do not wash your hair after applying Scalp Protector.

2. Mix the dye and developer in a 1:1 ratio: 

20 ml hair color + 20 ml developer Mix in a non-metallic bowl.


3. Apply the dye to your hair


Start at the roots and work your way down. Apply the dye evenly to all of your hair.

4. Rinse your hair


Use cold or lukewarm water and do not use Shampoo. The processing time will vary, it is usually 25-35 minutes.

*Average applications that can be done in one kit:

 Male 4-5 times and Female 3-4 times.

 (The number of applications varies as per the length of hair) 


Avoid shampoo for 2-3 days.

Avoid hot water.

Use a color-protecting shampoo and mask

Protect your hair from the sun.